Player Information Form


BOYS – Online Player Information Form for Boys Team

GIRLSOnline Player Information Form for Girls Team


Player MUST submit the following items in order to be eligible to play:

Forms Returned to Coaches:

  1. Complete online registration form {Links to forms above}. All forms must be filled out completely & correctly (contact information is very important). 
  2. USA_Rugby_Release_of_Liability_-_Aug_16-2012 -
  3. A $275 pay-to-play fee* {fee includes rugby shorts & socks for first year players that are for players to keep; USA Rugby insurance coverage that is mandatory to participate; buses; certified athletic trainers; training supplies; field rentals; coach’s stipends}
  4. $50 in fundraising sticker sales
  • **All checks made out to Belmont Rugby Association**

Forms for the ATHLETIC OFFICE at BHS:

  1. PARENTS EMAIL INBOX – in mid-February the BHS Athletic Office will send an email to every BHS parent with a child-specific link to fill out the appropriate athletic forms to participate in spring sports. This link is unique for each person – so you and your parents must fill out the forms through your link. This email will go to your the parent email address that the school has on file for all listserv  communication, so contact the BHS Athletic Office if  you believe your email has been misdirected. But check your promotions or spam folders before requesting a new email. You WILL NOT be cleared to play until these forms have been completed.
  2.  A valid physical, within the past 12 months of the start of our season  (Check with the school nurse to see when your on-file physical is set to expire. All physical or medical forms should be submitted directly to the nurse.)

Rugby Equipment Players will Need:

  1. A mouthguard
  2. A pair of cleats (rugby specific are great, soccer are fine too.)
  • Note: One pair of rugby shorts and socks are included in the player fee for first year players. These are yours for your entire rugby career at BHS!

* Economic hardship will never prevent a committed player to be a part of BRFC. Should any family have issues with the pay-to-play fee, please reach out to Coach Bruce or Coach McCabe.


Belmont Rugby Association Board of Directors:
Janet Goldberg - President & Fundraising Chair
Kathy Ryan – Treasurer

Coaching Staff
Greg Bruce
Derek Tommy
Tim Berens
Kate McCabe
Dee Nash

2018 Captain